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Siddhartha Movie Review And Rating


Siddhartha Cast And Crew


  • Sagar
  • Ragini
  • Sakshi Chowdary
  • Subbaraju
  • Ajay
  • Kota Srinivasa Rao
  • Thagubothu Ramesh

Director : KV Dayanand Reddy

Producer : Dasari Kiran Kumar

Writer : Paruchuri Brothers

Music Director : Mani Sharma

Cinematographer : S Gopal Reddy

Siddhartha Story

Chandra Prathap (Nagineedu) is a faction leader who dedicates his life for people. On the other side, he will have disputes with a family and they murders Chandra Prathap brutally. Chandra Prathap’s son Surya Prathap (Sagar) takes revenge by killing the murderer. The murderer’s son (Ajay) comes into light and waits for an opportunity to take revenge over father’s death. To avoid all these disputes and fights, Surya prathap’s mother sends him to Malaysia. In Malaysia, Surya changes his identity as Siddhartha and falls in love with Sahasra (Ragini). Both starts living together which results in the pregnancy for Sahasra. Meanwhile, plans will be on to settle the disputes between the two families and Surya Prathap travels to India and was made to agree for marriage with Apsara (Sakshi Chowdary). Apsara is the daughter of Chandra Prathap’s murderer. Where did Sahasra go now? What did Surya do now to overcome all the troubles forms the rest of the story of the film.


Sagar looks good in terms of appearance. He also performed well. The female leads of the film have no scope to perform in the film. Both Ragini and Sakshi fails to impress us. Ajay as the antagonist is good and performed well within his limitations. Subba Raju and Kota Srinivas Rao were good in their limited roles. The comedy track of Satyam Rajesh and Thagubothu Ramesh is okay. Prabhas Seenu made his presence felt. The rest of the actors also did their job well.

Review On Siddhartha

K V Dayanand Reddy has chosen a routine story of mixing a faction backdrop elements to a love story. It all appears as a routine revenge drama which was actually an outdated story for the current generation. The story line is impressive but the way the director dealt the film with the screenplay is not engaging. The conflict point between the two families was not shown well. It looks artificial and unimpressive. There is no connectivity with the story or the characters. There is no depth in the story cooked up based on the faction backdrop and so is the love track.

With these loosely packed moments, the film appears very much boring. The run time of the film is less but we feel the film to be a dragged and boring saga. Mani Sharma failed with his music album but he was phenomenal with the re-recording work. The film looks good in terms of visuals. The framing and usage of colours is really nice. The cinematography by S Gopal Reddy is fine. The dialogues are average. The editing was okay. The film neither brings a great feel nor a disappointing feel but struck somewhere in between and appeals to us as an average movie. The production values of the film are grand.

The less duration and the performances from the lead actors are the major plus points in the film. The routine plot and boring screenplay are minus points in the film. There is no emotional depth or the connectivity in the film. RCM Raju’s dubbing for Sagar is unimpressive.

Verdict: Slow Revenge Drama

Rating: 2.5/5

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