09/18/16 2:03 PM

Spices of Liberty Releasing Soon


We are very pleased to report that ‘Spices of Liberty’ – This is our story in America finished post production and already got MPAA Rating and ready for release soon. The movie relates the Indian Scriptures with American life and philosophy of ‘Freedom and Equality’ through the hero and heroine and people around them.

‘Spices of Liberty’ is a movie

a) To show how young generation in USA is integrating the wisdom they learned from their parents in enjoying the ‘Liberty’ they have in this country’.

b) About how life in USA is an ideal example of equality between men and woman and a symbol of ‘Freedom’.

c) About ‘Liberty’ means ‘Responsibility’ and how our youth enjoys that ‘Liberty’ with total understanding of the ‘Responsibilities’ associated with it.

The Movie Spices of Liberty is a love story of young couple of Indian Descent born in America and the challenges they face in their long distance relationship. Can they find a way to truly to get to know each other? You will come to know and care about these characters because romantic relationships and the challenges of time, distance and jealousy are universal. Will our characters find a way to get married and live happily ever after?

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