07/14/16 1:41 PM

Srikanth Addala Lands In Dilemma


Sensational director Srikanth Addala who made super hit films like Seethamma Vaakitlo Siri Malle Chettu, Kotha Bangaru Lokam has got a very bad name with the film Brahmotsavam. The film Brahmotsavam has pushed the director completely into a big disappointment. Srikanth Addala had to face the heat from Mahesh babu fans. Not only that, no one is considering his previous hit form now and everyone is blaming him for making such a failure subject.

The director has been in a big dilemma now as to what subject to be chosen for the next film. Almost all the star heroes are keeping him away from the lime light. Also, he is being avoided by many producers who once promised him that they will work together.

With no option left now, the director is apparently looking for a big break and is said to be planning a film with a small hero for which Dil Raju might extend financial support.

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