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Srinivas Reddy Having Best Phase In Career


Srinivas Reddy is one of the very few actors who were successful in making a name for themselves in the film industry. With his unique style of comedy, Srinivas Reddy has been growing big in the industry. He is all set to entertain us in a lead role again after Geethanjali in the film Jayammu Nischayammura. The song teaser that was released recently has already proved how good he was as an actor. With so much of positive buzz on the film, many industry bigwigs are discussing about the film and few noted personalities are coming forward to release Jayammu Nischayammura.


Comedian turned heroes are very few in the film industry. Except for a couple, no one became successful. But Srinivas Reddy has tasted success as a comedian and as a hero with the film Geethanjali. Srinivas Reddy is always ready to take up comedian roles even though he bagged a hit as a hero. After Geethanjali, he was seen in many hit films including the recently released A.Aa and Premam. His comedy in the film Premam is one of the major highlights of the film.

Star director Sukumar recently came forward to promote the film Jayammu Nischayammura. Such is the love Srinivas Reddy grabbed in the film industry. Srinivas Reddy is enjoying the success but he is still grounded and ready to take up comedian roles. He is confident about Jayammu Nischayammu ra success. The film is going to release soon!

We hope Srinivas Reddy gets more good offers in the film industry and may he reach many heights.

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