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Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Review And Rating

Srirastu Subhamasthu

Srirastu Subhamastu

The film Srirastu Subhamastu is a key film in Allu Sireesh’s career right now. Parasuram is the director of the film. Allu Aravind is the film’s producer. Lavanya Tripathi is the heroine. Check out our review on Srirastu Subhamastu that released today in the theatres.
Film: Srirastu Subhamastu
Cast: Allu Sirish, Lavanya Tripathi, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh
Dialogues: Parasuram
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Manikandan
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Banner: Geetha Arts
Producer: Allu Aravind
Story, screenplay, and directed by: Parasuram
Release date: August 5th 2016
CBFC Rating: U
Country : India
Language : Telugu

Story : Srirastu Subhamastu

Siri (Allu Sirish) is the son of one of the 100 richest persons in the state. He falls in love with Ananya (Lavanya Tripathi) who is the daughter of a middle class father Jagannadham (Rao Ramesh). His family friend (Bharani) takes care of all the expenses of Ananya including her education. Taking this as an advantage his friend comes with a proposal of marriage of Ananya with his son. Jagannadham accepts the offer without any hesitation as their life is better only because of that family. Siri deeply loves Ananya and expresses his wish to marry her. Ananya slowly starts loving siri and never expresses herself. Exactly at the time she wants to express her feelings, everything gets out of her hand. Unable to hurt her father she accepts the marriage and keeps hiding her feelings on Siri. On the other hand Siri’s father (Prakash Raj) is not ready to accept their love thinking the general Middle class mentality of trapping rich kids. Siri challenges with his father to prove his love is real.
Is siri successful in convincing his father ? 
Is he Successful in solving the conflicts from both the sides ? 
Is he successful in conquering the love ?
forms the rest of the story.

Performance of Actors

Lavanya Tripathi looks beautiful in the movie and her performance is good. Except for the dubbing sync there is no complaints with her character. Sirish already improved a lot and this will be his best in his entire career so far. He is at his best with the film. At times we might see Allu Arjun in him, Sirish tried to show his best by being himself. Rao Ramesh lived in the character and performed very well. Ali tried to entertain a little bit. Subbaraj character is wasted. Hamsa Nandini shines for a while. Rest of the actors like Thanikella Bharani,Ranadheer, Prakash Raj, Sumalatha and others did their best.

Performances of Technical Team

Srirastu Subhamastu is technically good. Geetha Arts “No compromise” making is clearly visible. Music by Thaman S is one of the assets for this film. Anu Anu song and the BGM are really good. Cinematography by Manikandhan is good. Rest of the crew did their best in getting  a quality output.

‘KORADA’ Take On Srirastu Subhamastu

Srirastu Subhamastu is a very routine commercial flick. This is a mixture of many of the Telugu movies like Bommarillu, Solo, Nuvve Nuvve, Nenu Sailaja. The format and characterizations everything is routine. Only the characters and scenes are changed. But still this is the latest trend and the makers were successful in making it with different execution. The Dialogues by Parasuram are good. The love track between hero and heroine was too good and the chemistry has come out very well. The first half is good and the second half is much better than the first half. The pre climax of the film is great and it is a major highlight. On a whole Srirastu Subhamastu is for the audiences who want to have some pleasant time laughing and having fun with friends and families. Srirastu Subhamastu is filled with some good moments here and dont miss the film for this weekend. It will impress you. Worth a watch.

Plus Points

  • Performances

  • Music

  • Dialogues

Minus Points

  • Slow Pace

  • Routine Story

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Srirastu Subhamastu

Impresses In Parts! Worth Watching

Korada Rating : 3.5/5

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