04/28/16 12:00 PM

Stop Being Greedy : Anasuya


Anasuya Bharadwaj realized that getting greedy is the reason for increase in heat and an effect to the global warming. She realized that going green is the reason to stay happy and peaceful. And after that she also urged to follow the same and asked everyone to do so. here are series of tweets that appeared on her twitter timeline today morning.

“I woke up to dis thought f doing farming once I retire from entertainment! Have been thinking for a while how it is wen v step out. B it in da day o nyt!How much v take things for granted..There has also been moments wher i regretted as to y I gave birth wen m not. Responsible enuf to keep da world safe n livable for dem..I have no right to spoil it for out generations ahead..either u make da world. A better place to live or stop taking da life ahead..okkari to emautundi anukuntam..kaani okka kshanam meerokkare think abt dis. I saw other countries..dey r al dat developed n techie n stuff..but at da same tym dey have so much greenery too! The only solution i stopped at was to stop getting greedy..lyk in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!Appude everything wil fall in place jus lyk dat. Inka land kavali,inka property kavali,inka adi kavali inka idi kavali antu inka narukkuntu potunnam..asalu ‘saripotundi’ anadam marchipoyam. So i’ve decided il do my bit..Weneva n howeva poss..il go green..Weneva n howeva possible, Do your Bit Pls. Ippudu veliginda anukokandi Every1 has dat one jolting moment f urge for something for everyone!Naku adi eeroju kaligindi N m gonna react.” Anasuya Bharadwaj posted on her Twitter profile.

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