06/1/16 1:04 PM

Sudheer Is Creating Issues : Puri Jagan


Kali Sudheer, a distributor is keen on filing a defamation case on the director Puri jagannath. The distributor felt that Puri’s complaint on him is baseless and it hurt him and his character. As a result, he is very determined of filing a case against him. This is regarding Puri jagannadh complaint on the distributors claiming that they allegedly attacked him for asking compensation regarding the losses of the film Loafer.

A leading news daily has published a big story on the incident which did not go well with Puri Jagannadh who commented on it on twitter.

“Thanks to No1 newspaper for today’s article. End of the day its me who make movies nonstop n ppl like Sudheer wud just create issues nonstop. No wonder, Ppl always throw stones at trees bearing fruits. And Some ppl even try to axe it. WHAT A LOVELY WORLD!!” Puri Jagannadh tweeted a while ago.

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