09/11/16 9:52 PM

Suhasini Maniratnam Denies Rumours


Suhasini Manratnam has released a press statement recently clarifying that she has not made any personal statements on a social issue in the recent past and all those being carried on the net with her photo are fake.

“Some one is using my photograph on whatsapp and twitter to make his personal statements on a social issue. I condemn him for abusing my rights and privacy, I request friends and media to ignore and clarify that I have neither spoken to the press nor posted on any social media on any issue in the last 5 days and requesting television channels not to carry false information. Since I am out of town it came to my notice only now. Artistes being soft targets can not be used by public and media to propagate some individuals plan to gather attention.

Thank you for support and understanding.” she released a statement over the same.

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