06/16/16 12:29 PM

Sundeep Kishan Injured Badly

Sundeep Kishann

These are the days where young actors are coming out to do experiments while performing the stunts in their films. They feel that it is their responsibility to perform and make everything look natural. But sometimes it turns dangerous too and the latest is that the young hero Sundeep Kishan while performing an action sequence for his upcoming film has faced problems as it turned sour and he instead had to hurt himself badly. The actor himself confirmed the news without creating much panic.

“Hi guys..much better now,got a few stitches..just an unfortunate accident on Krishna Vamsi sirs set..action sequence..glad it came out well (sic),” shared the actor on social media. and added to a friend that it is ” head injury..12 stitches..do u want me to whatsapp u the pics;) kinda cool :p (sic),” Sundeep is currently busy with the film Nakshatram in the direction of Krishna Vamshi.

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