05/9/16 11:48 AM

Suriya Writes Letter To Fans


The film 24 registered a big hit in South India. The makers were very happy with the way the audiences received it. The film did well both in Telugu and Tamil languages. Overwhelmed with this response from fans, movie lovers and critics Suriya has written a letter to everyone for loving and supporting his film.

Dear Friends,

Truly elated to receive all the love & appreciation that’s been coming our way for 24.  It is big step for a 2 film old company like 2D Entertainment to take up such a massive production. This film is a simple narrative of a fantasy subject of Time Travel – Vikram Kumar had done his homework in advance and the scenes explaining the Watch & what all it does have hit the right notes with the audience. I thank my co stars, technicians and production team who have made every scene come together for the film to work so well as a whole.!

As an actor it feels immensely good when I’m appreciated for not one but all the three roles I took up in this film. I genuinely thank each one of you who’ve loved this film – like our director Vikram Kumar keeps saying .. We made a film from our hearts for you and now we are truly humbled when we are showered with all your love & applause that you are giving me & Team 24.

Thank you !

Love n respect, SURIYA

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