06/20/16 11:08 PM

Surya Brings Happiness For PawanKalyan Fans

pawan kalyan konidela

PawanKalyan fans are highly relieved now with the latest announcement that SJ Surya will not be a part of the actor’s next film. Pawan is hoping that Dolly will do magic that impresses all his fans. In the past too for the film Sardaar Gabbar Singh, the director change took place. But Pawan fans are more concerned about the actor teaming up with a director who is in success form rather than the one who gave the actor biggest disaster in his career in the form of Puli,

Though the success of Kushi is credited for the combination, the fans are seeing the result of Puli more than Kushi. In this way, the announcement of director change for Pawan’s movie brought happiness to the fans. SJ Surya is the reason for this happiness. Surya has opted out of the project as he is busy as an actor.

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