05/18/16 4:04 PM

Tanish’s Father Passed Away


Telugu hero Tanish’s father Vardhan has succumbed to injuries after falling from the 6th floor of his Western Plaza Apartment in Manikonda. Tanish’s father has severe head injuries after he falling from the apartment. He was taken to Appolo hospitals nearby but accidentally the incident has taken place and he could not survive. The doctors confirmed his death in the early hours of Wednesday but there are several doubts on this death as a few are saying that it is a suicide. This incident has taken place during the mid-night when Tanish is not at home. The police officers have registered this death case and are investigating the same.

Tanish is currently experiencing flops in his career and he is unable to find the proper way of making a massive entry into the success. Hope the facts behind the death will come soon.

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