06/29/16 3:38 PM

Telugu Singer Gives A Sweet Warning


Lipsika, the popular singer and dubbing artist in the film industry has given a sweet warning to all those who are trolling her for being a part of the song Its My Life that released some 7 years back. Many trolls tried to bring her down but she successfully gave a string answer to them.

“A sweet warning to everybody who has been trolling me for being a part of this song called “its my life” sung by a moron “Venu mallesh”

I was called for a recording one fine day almost 7 years back..!! I was new to the industry and I didn’t know which opportunity was good and which was not..!! I later learned through my experiences though..!! Coming back, I accepted the opportunity just like any other recording.!! I never thought this song would turn out to be a disaster like this..!! Go hell with Venu mallesh, but I have never thought people would hurt me so much with their comments..!! I am a human being I have a family, I’ve been really trying hard to make my mark in the industry and grow up in my life in a good way..!! This is a request to all those who have been trolling me from the last 7 years..!! It’s high time now.. I’m not able to take it..!! There were days where I cried seeing all the lame comments on YouTube and Facebook for no reason..!! You troll me for just being a part of it?? Is it fair?? Please think for a moment before you troll me or any other person online..!!” Lipsika posted on her facebook profile.

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