06/27/16 1:52 PM

TFI To Witness Another Star Kid


Telugu Film Industry already witnessed many star heroes and their kids but for yet another time now, the film industry is going to witness another star kid. This time the hero is from Daggubati family. Daggubati family already has heroes Venkatesh and Rana. Now, it is the time for Rana’s brother Abhiram Daggubati entering the film industry.

Daggubati Abhiram is now planning to venutre into films. He has already been listening to the film’s script for a long time. Abhiram is planning to come into the film industry with a interesting script.

Meanwhile, Suresh Babu is planning to get Abhiram trained. Very soon, we may come to a formal confirmation about the news. Daggubati family is planning to make an official announcement on the same soon.

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