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Thikka Movie Review And Rating



Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s latest film Thikka released in the theatres today. He was paired up with the female actors Mannara Chopra and Larissa Bonesi in the film. Check out our review on the film.

Directed by : Sunil Reddy
Produced by : Dr. Rohin Reddy
Written by : Lakshmi Bhupal
Dialogues by : Harsha Vardhan
Screenplay by : Sheik Dawood G
Story by : Sheik Dawood G
Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Larissa Bonesi, Mannara Chopra, Rajendra Prasad and others
Music by : S. Thaman
Cinematography : K V Guhan
Edited by : Karthik Srinivasa
Production Company : Sri Venkateswara Movie Makers
Release date : 13 August 2016
Censor : U/A
Country : India
Language : Telugu

Story : Thikka

Aditya (Sai Dharam Tej) works in a software office. He starts loving Anjali (Larissa Bonesi) and expresses the same to her. She accepts the love and it continues for a span of 2 years. And then She decides to break up with Aditya due to his negligence. Everything changes drastically from the point she leaves him. He decides to commit suicide, he gets arrested for some terrorist activities, his love Anjali and his father (Rajendra Prasad) gets kidnapped. A random girl (Mannara) plans to kill him. In just a single night his life gets many twists and turns.
What exactly happened during that night ?
Is there any other reason for Anjali breaking up with Aditya ?
How he solved all the problems and won his love ?
forms the story of the film.

Performance of Actors

Sai Dharam Tej is keep on improving from movie to movie. Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham and Supreme are the best examples for his transformation in acting. Now here comes Thikka which got no such great scope to perform. So he acted well according to his role. Brazilian model Larissa Bonesi is not a fit for tollywood it seems. She is unable to act well even in a limited role. Better they should have used Mannara for the lead role who actually got a wasted role. Rest of the actors like Sapthagiri, Ali , Rao Ramesh, Rajendra prasad, Vennela Kishore tried their best to fit their roles.

Tecnical Team Performance

Thikka is technically good. Cinematography is one of the best things in Thikka. The camera angles and frames by K V Guhan are brilliant. Songs by S.S Thaman are good. Great production values by Sri Venkateswara Movie Makers. Editing by Karthik Srinivasa could be more crispy as the film is highly lagging all over. Rest of the cast and crew fulfilled their roles up to their extent.

‘KORADA’ Take On Thikka

Thikka is a movie which will get you a feel of walking out of the theater right from the starting 10 minutes. There is no scene or situation in which you feel engaged to watch the film. There is not even a comedy scene which will make you laugh. The scenes are clumsy and boring. There is a lot of property and item destruction which will make you feel irritated. The director highly inspired from movies like Hang over and tried his luck by making Thikka in a similar way. Too many characters are introduced to create some confusion comedy and it wasn’t worked well.
First half of the movie is completely boring and lagging. There is not even a single scene which will make the audience stick to their seats or at least wait for the second half. Second half is a bit better when compared to first half. There is some comedy offered to the vexed audience and if you still have energy you can laugh for it. Other than that there is nothing to mention about the movie. Songs are good but greatly misplaced. Ali got some medium length role but he is not used well. He got some different make up with help of VFX and it is disturbing to watch him on screen. The reason for this not known yet.
The scenes between Ali and Mumaith Khan are truly waste of time. The scenes which heroine misunderstands hero are completely silly and foolish. The director or writer should have thought some good reasons. The execution and script is full of flaws. This will be a lesson for Sai Dharam Tej in choosing scripts. So Thikka’s major fault lies in the script and execution. Movies like these which test the patience of audience will get an end result like this. No wonder Thikka will end at box office as a disaster. There are no reasons for you to recommend this movie filled with torture. So kindly stay away from Thikka.

Plus Points

  • Cinematography
  • BGM
  • Music

Minus Points

  • Slow Narration
  • Story
  • Direction
  • Run Time
  • Screenplay

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Thikka

 Only ‘Thikka’ For Audiences

Korada Rating : 0.5/5

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