10/16/15 4:37 PM

Bruce Lee: Time for Brahmi to Take a Break?




Ram Charan asks Brahmanandam to act like a monkey in Bruce Lee The Fighter. Brahmi starts expressing what a monkey is like when it is angry, when it drinks liquor etc. Audiences laugh for a while. But..is this what they expect from a top comedian like Brahmanandam? Kids and boys learning mimicry try to impress by making sounds like a dog or a cat. We appreciate kids when they do so. What if a top mimicry artist like Mimicry Srinivas does it? Do we appreciate? No, we don’t. Same is the case with Brahmanandam right now.

Brahmi acted in 1000+ films and audiences have seen most of his expressions some hundred times. How would they laugh on watching the very same expressions again and again? Asking Brahmanandam to give expressions like a monkey itself is an insult to Brahmanandam. In case story demands, then it is fine. But doing it just to show that he can do it is an example for his degraded standards. On watching Brahmi’s character in Jyothi Lakshmi, one feels that it is time for retirement of the comedian. But Brahmi still has efficiency. He has the ability to make us laugh. It is now time for Brahmi to take a break. Brahmanandam is like a megastar in comedians. Audiences will not forget him even if he is does not appear in films for a year. He should discuss with writers and create his own characters. Keeping aside matters like daily remuneration, Brahmanandam should concentrate more on characters. If Brahmi does not do it, he might have to take a permanent break from silver screen in 2016 itself.


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