01/15/17 10:32 AM

Trisha Deactivates Twitter Account

Trisha has fell into a controversy now. She is a supporter of PETA but never revealed her stand on Jallikattu but some of her haters have assumed her opposing Jallikattu and started abusing her on Twitter. She has reacted in a strong manner.

“Before i break my silence on d concerned issue,i would firstly lik 2 thank d entire police personnel of Tamil Nadu for makin sure i reached home safe last night n for being a source of comfort n strength to my family who was put through unnecessary stress and agony. Secondly,I have never spoken against Jallikattu at any given point.Thank u @iam_str for making my stand clear and takin up for me as always. That bein said,I am shocked n mortified at d haters n d kind of filthy language bein used jus bcoz u have free access 2 social media. Disrespecting a woman and her family is tamil culture?You should be ashamed to call urself a Tamilian or even speak about Tamil culture. I never bow down to bullyism nor do i fear you.Get off my timeline and get a life !!! Period !!! Biggest thank u to my Garjanai team for d protection n support u gav me yest n n my wonderful well wishers for standing by me always.” Trisha Krishnan posted.

Later her profile has been hacked and a tweet was surfaced opposing Jalli Kattu. Trisha realised the same and she has tweeted that she does not have any connection to it. She deactivated her Twitter account for a while now and will reveal her further course of action soon.

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