06/1/16 1:01 PM

Truth Revealed About Suriya’s Alleged Attack


We have already reported you that Suriya was allegedly involved in a case filed by a youth who claimed that Suriya attacked him. But after creating much drama, the actor has withdrawn the complaint. Later on the lady who is the witness of the entire incident has explained the entire incident on Twitter.

“Thank you very very much for telling those two boys not to lay hands on me when they were abusing and threatening me yesterday. Boys were threatening to break the glass on my car and were not letting me get back into car and close door for my safety. Boys were demanding money from me. I was alone in the big crowd facing two threatening boys. They said they would make phone calls and take action. Thank you for stopping your vehicle and insisting that the boys not touch a woman. Your intervention was timely.” Pushpa Krishna Swamy posted on her Twitter profile.

“In midst of all the drama appreciate your boldness for this message!! Respects!! Pls take care! Thank you All!” Surya replied her.

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