07/2/16 3:10 PM

Vasham Business To be Closed Soon


Vasham is a small budgeted flick which is going to release soon. Meanwhile, the producer of the film is looking for the investments and the film might be closing the business soon too.

“Guys Most of the small films doesnt release , and Time is a very important factor, so people might forget the film, So I am planning to close a deal with 90% investment return..should get the amount by the end of this month.. I consider it as a good deal as we can make a name by releasing the film !! Hopefully I can do a better job in my next film .. and hope you guys will stick with me in my future projects as well!! Thanks one and all for the support..especially the investors who believed just in me and the cast and crew and the buyer!! ( Will return your investment once I get the amount!!) 3 cheers!!” posted the director on his Facebook page.

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