05/25/16 2:01 PM

Veerappan Wanting To Kidnap Rajinikanth


Ram Gopal Varma is busy in promoting his new film Veerappan. Veerappan is the Hindi version for the Telugu and Kannada bilingual Killing Veerappan. Sachchin Joshi played a lead role in veerappan. The film maker has revealed how bad is Veerappan and how unpredictable is he in the society. RGV posted a series of tweets about Veerappan today morning.

“It’s very important to study bad people like Veerappan because knowledge of how to finish bad people is what which advances society. History is made by bad people ..Good people at best will remain as its foot notes. Making Veerappan is not about glorifying a criminal but it’s to put a mirror to how he was allowed to happen in the first place. Story of Veerappan is a proof that just one unpredictable man can overturn an entire existing system..same is true for Donald Trump too. What’s surprising in Veerappan wanting to kidnap Rajnikanth? He kidnapped Kannada Super Star Rajkumar..Rajnikanth is a natural extension.” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.

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