10/9/15 5:40 PM

Vijay Upset With Tax Evasion

vijay puli

vijay puli


Income tax sleuths carrying out searches at residences and offices of notable personalities is a long-followed, natural practice and it has been carried out exactly ten days ago ie., before the release of Puli. Officials raided houses of Vijay and also on the offices belonging to him including his producers’. After the raid, one of the officers has revealed that Vijay has been evading tax partially and this news spread on a fast note. Vijay, after coming across these reports, is now upset and came up with a clarification on the incident. “They raided my office and home last week to probe whether I have done any tax evasion or not. My family and staff offered full cooperation to the officials and presented all the documents of my income tax returns with evidence.” Vijay said. The Ilayathalapathy says that he never evaded tax and adds. “I have been religiously paying income tax, wealth tax and professional tax on all my assets and income till this very financial year.” He says that he was distressed with all the rumors on him and requests the media not to spread them further.



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