06/26/16 6:02 PM

Vikram’s Daughter Engagement On 10th July

vikram irumagan

Tamil star Chiyaan Vikram is getting ready for the engagement of his daughter. The actor looks so young but no one knew that he has a daughter who is of marriage age. The actor who is busy with his projects has taken some time in between the shoots for the arrangements of the engagement.

Vikram’s Daughter Akshita is going to get engaged to Manu Ranjith who the son of Chennai-based Clavin Care’s Bakery Ranganathan. This engagement ceremony will happen on July 10th. Akshita and Manu Ranjith have been in a relationship since some time.

After getting approval from both the families, the arrangement is being conducted now. Vikram is currently busy shooting for his forthcoming flick ‘Iru Mugan’

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