06/21/16 2:49 PM

When Rajamouli Wanted To Become Hero


SS Rajamouli is well known to everyone of us as a film director but there is also another shade of him that he never revealed to anyone of us. The director himself revealed that he always wanted to become a big hero. Inorder to become a hero, he used to perform puja secretly too. The director revealed all these things yesterday at the teaser launch of Showtime directed by his cousin SS Kanchi who worked with him for Maryada Ramanna. Kanchi is also famous for his role in Amrutham serial. He worked for the film Emo Gurram Egaravachu too.

Rajamouli said that it is Kanchi who first encouraged him to follow his dream. Talking about it further, the director said that he initially revealed his future plans to Kanchi who asked him to get into films and if he continues to stay in the villahe, he can not make it.In this manner, Rajamouli was very much encouraged by Kanchi.

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