07/7/16 1:24 PM

Who Is Making Rajini Restless?


Super Star Rajinikanth is the Super Star for South India. His popularity has never an end and his craze is unlimited. Go to any corner of the India, and ask about the popularity of Rajinikanth and you will clearly get a perfect answer for the same. Rajinikanth is currently in USA for the complete master health check up. Soon after that, Rajini will be back in India for the shoot of the film 2.0. Unlike the other actors and the other contemporaries like Amitabh bachchan, Rajini is still trying to play the lead roles and taking the responsibilities of making the film a hit.

He should have settled down by this time and would have concentrated on character artist roles which is not happening. There is a talk in the film industry that the films he is signing currently are making the actor restless.

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