07/12/16 1:07 PM

Why Did You Do This Allari Naresh?

Selfie Raja

Sudden Star Allari Naresh did not have any good considerable hit in his career in the recent times. Allari Naresh is the solo comedy king of Telugu film industry in the current times. Allari Naresh is also considered to be a bankable star in Tollywood.

Allari Naresh is trying to make an impressive mark at the box office with his latest film titled Selfie Raja. Selfie Raja stars Naresh and Sakshi Chowdary in the lead roles. The pair is back again after the film Jamesbond. Meanwhile, the makers have released the theatrical trailer of the film which is completely disappointing. The theatrical trailer which is almost two and half minutes did try to reveal the plot line of the film but the way it was shown is boring!

The scenes and sequences that appeared in the trailer are boring and seem to be routine stuff. With such stuff in trailer, can Allari Naresh do any sort of magic for a hit with his film is the question. Those who were disappointed with the trailer have the only question “Why Did You Do This Allari Naresh?”

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