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Why Is Rajamouli Promoting Manamantha?


S S Rajamouli is not regularly seen in promoting films of other directors. But when he genuinely feels that the film needs appreciation, he honestly comes forward to promote the film by keeping away his ego and stardom. In the past we have seen him promoting the film 1 Nenokkadine where he interviewed the film’s director Sukumar. The recent is that the director is actively seen promoting the film Manamantha. Soon after watching the film he has posted the following review on the film.

“Manamantha will remain a top class film in the career of Chandu and Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram. Chandu has a knack of extracting fantastic performances from his actors. From a seosoned actor like Mohanlal garu to a 4 year old kid every one will make you smile laugh and cry and will remain in our hearts and thoughts for a very long time. The way the film began the way it was weaved and the way it ended is a text book for every film student. Congratulations to the entire unit. Everyone who worked in the film can proudly say he/she is a member of Manamantha.” Rajamouli posted about Manamantha.

Yesterday, he was also seen interviewing the film’s director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti. Rajamouli also shared some of the reviews of the film and tried to promote the film as much as he can. Many have doubts regarding his special interest in promoting this film and a person has asked the same. Rajamouli has come up with a strong counter and cleared the air!

“25% because it is produced by my friend and directed by my cousin.75% because it is a film every teluguperson should be proud of” replied Rajamouli to one of his followers on Twitter.

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