07/9/16 12:42 PM

Young Hero Sits On Dharna For Movie Theatres

Aditya Om

“From tomorrow a fire will start …WILL SIT TILL JUSTICE is done…I will not go down like this…I am not fighting a battle for MYSELF alone but for all small film makers for all cinema professionals for everyone aspiring to make a film present and future … everyone who put their all in films . Every young guy or girl who dreams of making a film if we don’t stand up now ‘they ‘will keep on crushing all our efforts, hard work, hopes careers,lives . IT IS NOT MY BATTLE ALONE.” he posted on Facebook, a day before the film release.” posted Aditya Om about the release problems.

Later on he went on to do a strike.

“I am not demanding anything special just fair play and minimum justice. For the rights of all aspiring,small,short,new film producers …for dreams of hundreds of new aspiring film professionals a DHARNA A FAST till I can .ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Not a lone battle they will have to give theatres …it is d power of YOUTH LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA..people will see..come,join. We need more of your support pls come to film chambers Banjara Hills Hyderabad.Dont hesitate it is a fight for minimum justice.”

“OUR THEATRES ARE INCREASING….Our collections are IMPROVING inspite of wrong centres…Come out and support go and see wherever possible if not near you come to our Dharna at Film chambers. It is not about Hit or flop …good or bad but about minimum theatres for quality films. Unbelievable feedback coming from theatres…these are real people going to bad theatres to see the film…speechless. Audience buzz is amazing…I am speechless but more amazing is still the obstructive behaviour of certain monopolies the reviews are positive too. Audience is loving it,reviewers are writing positive…no doubt .but believe it or not only 18 evening shows all over two states. Universal chorus about the film…thank you critics…will keep on pushing won’t stop. More reviews…If we get more support this will become something big. Youth craze going on no doubt …More support required.” he posted on his facebook profile.

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