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Popular as better administrator and a reformist, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu Naidu has been caught in several ‘to be or not to be’ situations.
Shouldering a herculean task of constructing new capital for the state and start, everything from the beginning is a tightrope for the dynamic CM.
Political observers are quoting six ‘C’ factors, which are effecting the Babu’s administration.



Babu is meticulously managing the things to protect his power even for the next term. He cannot be so generous or populist because, the weak financial condition of the state. He will not dare to implement reforms fearing people may reject him again. He is caught between the issues of welfare and development.




Expenditure in elections went to sky in the State. As a leader of opposition, the TDP cadre had to shell out huge sums excessively to face YSR. Now, it is a time for Babu to pay back. In addition to this, he has to mobilize funds for the election expenses in both the states. Only way seems to be amid this drought conditions is to resort to corruption. Babu cannot go for it, as he is aware of the consequences that YS Jagan is facing now.




The main strength of the TDP is cadre. Party workers are expecting something back for their sacrifices. Babu was misled by the notion that the party had lost (earlier) because of neglecting the cadre. He is not realised the fact that the corruption took place at ground level in ‘work for food’ scheme ruined their chances. Babu is in confusion how to raise funds without damaging his image.




Except two or three, remaining members in Babu’s cabinet are not so efficient. May be it is an authoritarian attitude of Babu, but it is certainly showing its drastic impact on his administration.




Two major communities of the State helped TDP to secure power. Now it is like a dance on the edge of a sword to maintain coordination among the two castes and win back the confidence of BC’s. Babu is facing difficult task to satisfy every community as the opportunities are very limited.




KCR is the most worrying factor for Babu. In fact, KCR has no political interests in AP except extending help to Jagan. KCR is concerned about Babu’s efforts to strengthening TDP in Telangana.  Babu is determined to gain power in Telangana. He also wants to make his son CM for the state, if possible.

He is struck between facing KCR and regaining past glory in Telangana.


The six factors are influencing Babu’s style of administration and deteriorating his dynamism. He should come of these obstacles as early as possible and focus on the development of the state.


S Naresh

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