11/17/16 7:07 PM

Loopholes That Modi Left In The Process of Demonetisation


Even though the government says that the demonetisation has been going on very strictly, black money holders are already on their plans to change black money. Thousands of auditors across the country are working on this to help the black kubers. Even though Modi is honest in banning the big notes, he left a few loopholes for the corrupts. Lets look into it.

On November 8th, Modi announced that people had to change all their 500 and 1000 notes before december 30. That means there is roughly 50 days time which is the first respite for all corrupts. In this time, they are trying to buy gold, dollars or trying to change their money through the binamis. Modi, who announced a nation stopping large scale decision would have done better if he had announced one more condition along with this ban.

That is “All the citizens in the country should count their money and register the number of 500 and 1000 notes present with them in a declaration form. This forms should be submitted in the banks along with their aadhar, pan (They can deposit the cash later). By doing so, complete details about the money circulating in India would have been in the hands of RBI. And as for the corrupts are considered, their neck would be tight to announce the details of their black money and hence there is no route of escape to them.”

As for now, common and innocent people are standing in queues and all the big fish are free and searching for the holes to escape. This may result in just another failed effort by the government in controlling the black money. Better late than never. At least now, Government should order all citizens that they have to register their cash details with the banks. This decision, by all means would bring the big fish out of the water and common man to relief.

Korada.com requests all the responsible and country loving people to spread and share this idea till it reaches the government. For the betterment of the country and to snap the necks of corrupts, each of us has the chance to act now. Lets use it. Lets Spread it.

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