04/28/15 11:48 AM

Prostitution is not illegal in India!



 Recently the joint high court of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh has suggested that laws should be amended  to punish clients along with prostitutes. There is also a debate on legalising prostitution in the country in the wake of recent rape cases. Lets have a look at our laws on prostitution.

The primary law dealing with the status of sex workers is the 1956 law referred to as The immoral Traffic(Suppression) Act (SITA). This has been amended in 1986 as The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act(PITA). According to this act, the following have been declared as punishable under law..

1.) Child prostitution (below 18 years of age)

2.) Prostitution near public places, in hotels and in notified areas

3.) A person who procures or attempts to procure anybody

4.) A prostitute who seduces or solicits.. Similarly, call girls who publish phone numbers to the public.

5.) Maintaining a brothel and leasing space to brothels.

6.) Pimps who live off a prostitute’s earnings

The above acts have been made punishable under PITA.In India, Prostitutes can practice their trade privately voluntarily for the sake of livelihood(The place shouldn’t be near a public place and there shouldn’t be 2 or more prostitutes at a single place). That is why only those places where two or more prostitutes, a number of clients and pimps are involved are generally attacked by police. And you won’t see any news about police arresting a single prostitute indulging in prostitution with a single client.


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