11/14/16 2:40 PM

Why I Evaded Tax? A Common Man Open Letter To Narendra Modi


Dear Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Obeisance.

My name is Prasad. I run a small Industry at Balanagar in Hyderabad. Earn about 2 lakhs per month income, that is 24 Lakhs per year. But honestly, I should pay at least 3 Lakhs per year (excluding deductions) as income tax. But I pay just 30 thousand Why? I was born in an ordinary middle class family. I saved every nickel and worked hard to come to this position. Out of two lakhs earnings, a lakh would be spent on my family. The other one lakh on investments in Gold & Land. I spent almost 30 thousand rupees to the government in the form of indirect taxes taxed on Groceries to TVs to Mobiles, any thing you buy need to pay 20 to 30 percent tax. If I spend 3000 on liquor parties with friends then I pay 60% tax to government. Petrol taxed at 30 rupees per liter. If you buy the car, all taxes comes to 1.5 lakhs. To buy land for home, need to pay 1 lakh as registration charges.

Without even laying a mud road in our colony, government forced us to pay 50 thousand as development charges. After watching how pathetic government hospitals are, and in spite of looting by corporate hospitals, without much choice we will take health insurance even on that shamelessly government charges service tax. Just like thieves & thugs, cemetery is also taxed. In return what is government giving back to us? Do our children get proper education at Government schools? If we visit Government Hospitals is there any guarantee that we come back with good health? Other than National Defense, Road laying, we did not understand what development activities are happening.

If you buy Car, Road Tax; if you get on road then Toll tax, lynching us left and right. What is happening to our tax money? To increase salaries for our own employees we check their performance. But in governments, whether the employee work or not, all the same salary, the same increments.. Our money is so cheap to you? On top of it employees take our money but work so arrogantly and none of them come to office by 10. Also they do not work without bribe. Why, then, sir, we pay taxes to government. Industry needs power to run, we have to bribe everyone at the electricity department. I have to pay a bribe of 10 thousand per month to all. How can I show those bribes in White? That’s the precise reason it is very heart burning to pay taxes to government.

At the same I won’t ignore my social responsibility, sir, when you asked I gave 10 thousand to Army Welfare Fund. I spend 20 thousand every year on an orphanage. I gave donation of 1 Lakh in my father’s name for a school in my village. But hands won’t come to pay taxes to the government. Ok .. past is past. Now, let’s deal everything in White. Since you have decided. I will pay 3 lakhs as tax for the 10 lakhs Black money by paying 30% tax to convert it to White. But, from tomorrow, can you guarantee that works would be completed without bribing of 10 thousand per month? Else ask your employees to take bribes in the form of a check? Not to mention the leaders from streets, everyone from street leaders to MLAs ask for donations for elections from each party. Otherwise, they put me in trouble. Can you ask them to take bribe in check? Can parties declare their finances openly to public without any secrets?

We are already paying a lot of Taxes, in return tell us what services the government is providing. For luxury of leaders and for employees salaries we won’t pay taxes. If possible we will evade as much as possible. In next ten years, black money will increase in the country, then you recall currency notes once again? This is not for which we chose you Sir. Due to your decision my staff is enduring struggles happily for the last two days only with the belief in you. Please keep that trust. Please do justice to the already paid taxes. Then we will pay taxes righteously. Sir only when two hands meet there will be clap, our hand is ready, waiting for your hand.

Yours, Fan, Voter

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