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Chinnari Movie Review And Rating

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There are so many interesting Horror films releasing in Telugu. This film Chinnari is one good film that is going to have special things to talk about. The film released today in the theatres. Check out our review on the film.


The film Chinnari is inspired from true events. Priya (Priyanka Upendra) is a widow. She has a daughter Kriya (Yuvina Parthavi). She moves to a villa which her husband loved. Along with her, her mother (Vatsala) and sister (Aishwarya) also moves to the new villa. After moving to the villa, Kriya begins to do weird things and always seen playing with a doll. When Priya brings a psychiartist to treat Kriya, he was killed by some spirit. Then comes a father to the rescue of the family.

Why did psychiartist die?

What happened to the house?

What is behind the killings?

The answers behind the questions will form the rest of the story of the film.


The film is not the regular horror films. Unlike the other films, the film has many horror elements. Rather than comedy, it is the comedy elements that are going to work for the film. You will surely change the opinion on the horror films after you watch this film. The visuals on the screen are so pleasing. Even though there is no spirit shown on the screen, the makers impress us with the visuals. The background score of the film is very much impressive. The way story has been taken forward is impressive thing. The twists have been maintained very well in the film. The director has good capability in executing this film.

The beginning scenes and the interval episode in the film have been a major highlight in the film. There are few drags in the film but they never bother us because of the interesting execution of the film. The on screen chemistry of the actors in the film has come out exceptionally well. There are some real major highlights for the film. The cinematography, background score are said to be the assets for the movie. The way cinematographer conveyed the plot is interesting. The special effects in the film also deserve a special mention.

The major minus point of the film is that there is no proper gripping in the narration. The other minus point of the film is that the makers never tried to convey the story but they chose to scare the audiences. Instead, the makers shoulsd have delivered the story in a proper way. The film was carried well but the abrupt ending in the climax is a big drawback. The climax could have been lot better. It could have been dealt well. The temp has got shattered in the climax. On a whole, there are so many good moments in the film and a few ups and downs but they can be negligible in the end. Go for the film and it impresses you.


There are only few characters in the film. There are mainly three major lead roles in the film. Priyanka impresses as a pregnant in the film. She has delivered an impressive performance in the movie. The child artist baby Yuvina Parthavi is bubbly but delivers a thumping performance in the film. Her looks are so good. Aishwarya is trendy and impresses through out the film. Madhusudhan and John who were also a part of the film’s casting did their job well and made everyone feel their presence. All the other actors did justice to their roles.

On A Whole:

Good Horror Film In Hollywood Style

Rating: 3.25/5


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