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A.Aa Movie review


A.AA Story

Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is the daughter of Mahalakshmi (Nadhiya), a rich entrepreneur, and lawyer-husband Ramalingam (Naresh Vijaya). Anasuya fears to her strict and ambitious mom who aspires her daughter to grow. But in vain, Anasuya pours water on Mahalakshmi’s hopes, Anasuya won’t excel in any field which forces her parents to think of getting her married to a rich guy (Avasarala Srinivas).
On flip side, Anand Vihari (Nithiin) has great responsibilities on his shoulder – get his sister Bhanu (Anaya) married and clear family’s debt to money lender Pallem Venkatesh (Rao Ramesh).
How Anand Vihari teaches Mahalakshmi a lesson and how he reunites both the families is what A..Aa all about.


It’s good performances which rescued A..Aa that has wafer-thin plot. Rao Ramesh’ performance stands out. Samantha is her usual self. Nithiin struggles with emotions yet he manages. Ananya proves her mettle again. Avasarala Srinivas doesn’t have much to do.

Casting-wise, the director hasn’t done any mistakes. It’s good to cast yesteryear actress Annapurna. Yet, director Trivikram has wasted her in a short, meaningless role. Also, Jabardasth Chandra scene appears to be long. It should have been cut short.


A..Aa gives you a dejavu. In many ways, A..Aa reminds you of Trivikram’s Attarintiki Daredi. Be the treatment or the characterizations, the film shares very close resemblance to the director’s previous family drama. Truth be told, writer Trivikram hardly worked on the film’s script.
Mahalakshmi’s character in A..Aa seems to be an extension for Nadhiya’s character (Sunanda) in Attarintiki Daredi. Rao Ramesh in Attarintiki Daredi is replaced here by Naresh and yes, he is lawyer again. Only there’re handful of differences from AD to A..Aa. One big difference is that there in AD, the protagonist was multi-billionaire whereas Nithiin in A..Aa belongs to a middle-class family hailing from Kalavapudi village. While the initial fault in AD lies with Raghu Nanda (Boman Irani), the fault in A..Aa lies with Attayya Mahalakshmi. Simply put, unlike AD, the protagonist of A..Aa is the victim as he loses his father.
Especially, post interval the film dips as it progresses at snail pace and tests patience to an extent. Inconsistency in the character of Ramalingam (Naresh) baffles at portions. At the same time, there’re is unnecessary melodrama which could had been avoided as it doesn’t help the film but only complicates it further. One couldn’t fathom out the reason why the role of Naga Valli (Anupama Parameswaran) hasn’t rounded off well and it’s quite shocking to see how a girl who was in neck-deep love with Anand Vihari take it so easy when she gets to know of Anand Vihari and Anasuya Ramalingam’s wedding.
Barring all the flaws, Trivikram makes striking mark with pre-climax and climax. They give you a reason to think that it’s worth your ticket. Technically the film has nothing to point out in particular. Visuals are pretty good. Cinematographers Subramaniam, Dudley deserve special mention. Mickey’s music and background score do work to an extent.

Plus Points

  • Climax
  • Rao Ramesh’s One-liners
  • Cast, Performances

Minus Points

  • Post Interval Scenes
  • Too many dialogues
  • Unwanted melodrama


Having said the above, A…Aa is just okay and one-time watch. Watch it for Trivikram’s witty dialogues and convincing climax. Go with minimum expectations, A..Aa won’t disappoint you much.

A.AA Rating : 3/5


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