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Bengal Tiger Movie Review & Rating | Ravi Teja



Bengal Tiger movie starring Ravi Teja, Rashi khanna, Tamanna, directed by Sampath Nandi hit the screens today. Will the film succeed in entertaining Tollywood audiences? Let us see the review of Bengal Tiger.



Akash Narayan (Ravi Teja) is a young man who resides in Athreyapuram, East Godavari district. When he goes to see a girl for marriage alliance, she says that she wants to get married to a celebrity. She tells Akash that she will give the wedding a thought if he gets back to her after earning  name and fame. In the process of becoming popular, Akash reaches a point where he goes against Home Minister (Rao Ramesh) and Chief Minister (Boman Irani). Why do the politicians get into fight with Akash? How does Akash win the battle? This makes the remaining part of the story.



We did not reveal the actual story here in review because we do not want audiences to lose interest in the film. Bengal Tiger is the film directed by Sampath Nandi who made the film out of passion after losing chance to direct powerstar Pawan Kalyan. He directed first half in a way that both mass and class audiences are entertained and in the second half, he focused on mass audiences. Sampath Nandi made the most of Ravi Teja’s performance. He rightly used the characters Prudhvi as a grown man who wants to be a hero and Posani as Celebrity Sastry for comedy purpose. While Prudhvi and Posani drive the first half of Bengal Tiger, Ravi Teja took the second half on his shoulders. There are five well picturized songs in the film. Lyrics are good but tunes are not. Background score is not bad. Cinematography is satisfactory. Additional ten minutes could have been trimmed while editing. Rashi Khanna and Tamanna have not much scope for action. Twists in the story are great. Some scenes seem like they are far behind logic but director Sampath Nandi convinces us with their very next scenes. Especially a scene wherein CM loses his post was very well made by him. Audiences may feel ‘too much! How could it even happen’..but Sampath Nandi shows it in the immediate scene convincingly. Many twists, dialogues on Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Chandrababu and Chiranjeevi are awesome. Sampath Nandi came up with a film that does not bore audiences at any point of time while watching it. Those who expect something new would not like the film but Bengal Tiger is a treat to audiences who crave mass masala.




Sampath Nandi and Ravi Teja succeeded in their attempt with Bengal Tiger.


RATING – 3.25/5.0



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