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Gentleman Movie Review And Rating

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Post two successive hits Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha, Nani surprised one and all by teaming up with Mohana Krishna Indraganti who had a set back in form of Bandipotu. But only after watching Gentleman, we change our opinion and agree with Nani.

Gentleman isn’t the run-of-the-mill Telugu movie that you get to watch every now and then. Director Indraganti has corrected himself where he failed in Bandipotu. One can’t help but appreciate him for picking up a wise script that has scope for him to perform.
Jaigowri group chairman Jai (Nani) and Aishwarya, daughter of (Surabhi) are entering into wedlock. Before she tied the knot, Aishwarya visits her relatives in US.
Meanwhile, Gautam (Nani), an MBA graduate from IIM, runs an adventure club leaving cushy jobs. He falls for Catherine (Niveda Thomas), a VFX artiste, in very first meet and their love story is filmy. Gautam rescues Catherine from her cruel uncle David who wants to marry her and love blossoms between them. With this, David develops animosity with Gautam and waiting for right time to attack.
Between, Catherine goes to London for a month on work. In the return, Aishwarya befriends Catherine who’s her fellow passenger and the duo share each other’s story but little did they know that there’s a big story that set to unfold. Upon reaching the airport, Catherine gets a shocker of life when she sees Aishwarya’s beau Jai who’s lookalike of Gautam, her own boyfriend. The story takes major turn after Catherine learning that Gautam is no more as he succumbed to an accident.
Is Gautam’s accident natural or planned? If not natural, who’s behind Gautam’s killing? How does Jai, Aishwarya connected to Gautam-Catherine?
Nani has delivered an off-the-chain performance that stand out in the film. As a hero and as a baddie, he has shown nothing less than brilliance on the screen. He did it with ease. Niveda Thomas, Surabhi have roles with substance which is rarity as heroines usually end up doing a glam show. While Niveda wins on acting front, Surabhi falls flat.
Avasarala Srinivas role is something to watch out for. Vennela Kishore as Darshanam tickles the funny-bone.
Plus Points
Gripping Narration
Minus Points
Few drags in first half
First things first. Nani deserves major credit for picking up such a film which usually mana heroes avoid taking that risk. He sizzled as both hero and anti-hero. Indraganti managed to develop David Nathan’s story to suit to Telugu nativity. Gripping narration is one of the key highlights of the film that keep you hooked till the end. Especially, Mani Sharma’s background score powers the film.
Yet, Gentleman has its own shortcomings. The film suffers at portions as the film’s pace drops and it moves slow. Especially few drags in first half mar the film. Otherwise it could had been a great film.
Gentleman gives you a thrill ride. Watch it. It makes for good watch.

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