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Naanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends Review



Padmavathi (Hebbah) comes to Hyderabad for doing a job. In order to skip the marriage alliance that her father brings, she lies that she was already in a relationship. Her father (Rao Ramesh) who loves daughter so much silently accepts whatever she does. One fine day, Padmavathi selects three guys and selects one of them to be her ideal life partner. But the confusion begins and she was struck with the three guys and accepts love with all the three. What happens after that? Whom did she finally marry? gives the complete shape for the film’s story.


The film Nanna Naa Boy Friends has a very routine story. When we look at the film from the upper layer, everything looks simple and predictable but there is something good which many of us might not see. The film has a story that is very much convincing. Many at times, the writers miss logics in the plot line but somehow the makers of the film are successful in cooking up and interesting story for the film. The way writers worked hard to make an interesting film is impressive. Bhaskar Bandi, the debutante director also executed it well. The father and daughter relationship in the story was convincing and beautiful too. The major highlight of the film is Rao Ramesh. Rao Ramesh’s character was designed in a routine manner but the way he brings charm to the screen with his presence is outstanding. The dialogues for his role have also come out really well and especially the second half of the film stands best. The last half an hour of the film and Rao Ramesh’s performance in that time gap is one of the best things we see in the recent times. The comedy by Dhanraj and team did not work in the film especially in the first half. Shakalaka Shankar’s episode in the second half has come out really well in the film. The cinematography of Chota K Naidu has taken the film to a next level. The editing could have been crisper. The production values of the film are grand. The songs are good in the movie. Sekhar Chandra scored fantastic background music for the film.


Rao Ramesh performance is a highlight in the film. The way the actor performed in father role will remain special. He added his own style to the role and made it look grand. Hebah Patel is beautiful in the film. Through out the film, she maintained a good screen presence and impressed with her performance. She did well especially in the climax scene. Tejaswi madivada shines in a good role. The male leads Ashwin, Noel and Parvateesham did justice for their roles in the film. All the three did a perfect job in the film. Parvatheesham dominated the other two and on a whole, every actor did his best to deliver a good output.


One Time Watchable

Rating: 3/5

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