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Shatamanam Bhavati Review & Rating by Korada.com


Shatamanam Bhavati: Story

The film is tipped to be a family entertainer. The film starts in a village in the East Godavari district.

Raghavaraju (Prakash Raj) and Janakamma (Jayasudha) are an elderly and the most loving couple in the village. They have two sons and a daughter. All the children settle abroad away from the hometown and get busy with their individual stuff. Janakamma always feels sad that they are left alone away from the children. She tries to cherish their memories with the children. Bursting out her emotions, one day, she strictly insists Raghavaraju make a call to the children to invite them to the upcoming festival.

What happens when all the families arrive at the home and how did the family atmosphere change everything and lead to new situations forms the rest of the film’s story.

Shatamanam Bhavati: Performances

Sharwanand is the perfect choice for the lead’s role. Earlier, the makers considered a couple of other heroes, but Sharwanand did a complete justification for his role. Sharwanand delivered yet another feel good and heart touching sensible performance in the movie. Anupama Parameswaran as the NRI returned young girl impresses with her acting, looks and performance. The chemistry between Sharwanand and Anupama is so fresh and appealing. Prakash Raj and Jayasudha are perfect for the grandparents. They are already proven actors and played similar kind of roles in the past too. Their presence added much strength to the casting side. Apart from them, all the other character artists and supporting artists have done an excellent job and made us feel their presence. Sijju, Raja Ravindra, Indraja, Sr Naresh and all the others are good in their roles.

Shatamanam Bhavati: Pros

  • Performances
  • Lead Actors Chemistry
  • Music and BGM
  • Cinematography

Shatamanam Bhavati: Cons

  • Routine Line
  • Slow Narration

Shatamanam Bhavati: KORADA.com Review

There are some splendid interesting points and highlights in the film. Though the story seems to be routine, we must appreciate the director Satish Vegesnafor handling such a concept with conviction. The dialogues are very much attractive. There are multiple feel good moments in the film which will stay with us for some time. The music has elevated the film entirely. The songs were picturised very well in the movie. All the scenes between Prakash Raj, Sharwanand, and the lead actors have come out well. The climax is another major highlight of the film which is engaging as well as emotional.

The conflict point has not been established well in the movie. It was not in a convincing manner too. Some of the scenes of the second half are just okay. Not many people might be connected with the film especially the youth because the movie turns preachy at some times. The entertainment dose is also a bit down. There is a feel good emotional drama in the film, but it could have been presented in a much better way too. But keeping everything aside, the film has those elements that can arrest the audiences and entertain them with some good moments.

As a writer and director, Satish Vegesna is successful. Shatamanam Bhavati is an excellent debut for him as a director. Dil Raju on his Sri Venkateswara Creations banner has maintained some rich production values for the film. The performances of the actors are beautiful. The music by Mickey J. Meyer is pleasant and he did a good job with his background score too. The cinematography by Sameer Reddy is excellent. The visuals are grand. The Editing by Madhu is good. On the whole, the film is bright on the technical side.

Shatamanam Bhavati is a cool and breezy family entertainer laced with feel good emotions and feelings! This is a perfect film for families for the festival. Watch it.

Korada Verdict On Shatamanam Bhavati:

Perfect Family Entertainer For Festival

Shatamanam Bhavati Rating: 3.25/5

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