10/9/15 4:55 PM

Five reasons why Jagan stages deeksha at this moment

jagan deeksha

jagan deeksha


The opposition leader of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jaganmohan Reddy launched another ‘deeksha’, demanding special status for the State. Leaving no stone unturned, the YSRCP chief slamming the AP CM on every possible occasion.

Now, AP CM Chandrababu is in a festive mood and engrossed in arrangements of foundation stone ceremony for the proposed new capital Amravati. None other than the Prime Minister of India will be there to lay foundation stone.

Now, why YS Jagan is so particular about holding such protest, while focus of the people and other sections is on the much-coveted ceremony?

1. Jagan, like most of the optimists is expecting that the Prime Minister will announce ‘special status’ for the State, on the occasion of the foundation ceremony. In such case, AP CM will take the achievement into his credit and can easily outsmart the opposition leader. Jagan wants to claim at least some part of it through his deeksha.

2. If the PM did not announce the special status, it would be an unintended weapon for Jagan. Then he could target Babu and TDP-BJP combine for the failure. He can gather more support from the sections who fiercely demanding the special status.

3. One more reason for scheduling his deeksha at this moment is to register his presence amid the festive mood of Amravati foundation stone ceremony. One may question what the opposition party is doing, when the whole State is gearing up for such a historical event. Then he has the answer.

4. Jagan along with others will also be invited for the ceremony. He cannot sit and clap along with the audience. He may not be invited to share the Dias, as there will be PM and other bigwigs on it. That is definitely not a good thing to happen for the opposition leader.

5. Finally, this is an opportunity for Jagan to show his strength to Narendra Modi. Jagan wants to establish that there is a strong opposition against Babu. It makes Modi to think that Chandrababu is not in a position to dictate terms in the State.

Jagan who could mobilize the other opposition parties and also farmers who are protesting against the land acquisition is trying to show his strength. He does not want to be overtaken by the much-trumpeted ceremony.